Using the command line tool

In order to help you create models, Beneath comes with a command line tool. The command line can be used to easily browse your projects and streams, to upload new and edited schemas, and to test run your models. Capital letters denote parameters that you must supply. Brackets ([, ]) denote optional fields.

beneath auth SECRET

This authenticates your session with your API secret. You must authenticate before using the other commands. Beneath stores your secret in a hidden folder called “.beneath”

beneath project list

List all projects on Beneath

beneath project create PROJECT_NAME --display-name DISPLAY_NAME [--description DESCRIPTION] [--site-url SITE_URL] [--photo-url PHOTO_URL]

Create a project. Analogous to creating a GitHub repository.

beneath project update PROJECT_NAME [--display-name DISPLAY_NAME] [--description DESCRIPTION] [--site-url SITE_URL] [--photo-url PHOTO_URL]

Update a project with a better display name, description, site-url, or photo-url.

beneath project delete PROJECT_NAME

Delete a Beneath project

beneath stream list --project PROJECT_NAME

List all streams in a given project

beneath stream create-root FILE_PATH [--manual BOOLEAN]

Create a new root stream by supplying a schema .graphql file (see schema format). When manual is TRUE, the stream’s data is able to be input manually (e.g., for Known Addresses). When manual is FALSE, the stream’s data does not accept manual input (e.g., any derived stream).

beneath stream update-root FILE_PATH [--manual BOOLEAN]

Update the schema for a root stream. See “beneath stream create-root” for more detail.

beneath model init MODEL --project PROJECT_NAME
beneath model simulate --sample-size
beneath model stage [--update]
beneath model deploy [--update]