Projects and Streams

The data on Beneath is organized around “Projects” and “Streams”.


A Beneath project is analogous to a GitHub repository. Anyone can make a project and opt to share it with the world or opt to keep it private. Projects organize Beneath’s data streams into meaningful collections.


Data streams are the primary content on Beneath. Data streams are manifestations of real-time events happening around the world. Streams can be raw and unprocessed (e.g., an “Ethereum blocks” stream), or, more usefully, they can be processed, synthesized analytics data (e.g., a continuously updated “number of DAI daily active addresses” stream).


MakerDAO is a Project, which contains several Streams, including a DAI transfers Stream and a CDP activity Stream.

Additionally, there is an Ethereum Project that contains Streams that are common to the entirety of the network. For example, the Ethereum Project contains a Block Metadata Stream.